All,Please forward the below information to anyone that will either be on a construction crew or you know has some tools at home.

The construction crew assembling the fasteners to hold the equipment together will need a cordless drill or driver, a socket drill/driver adapter, security hex bits (5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 7/32, 5/32) to install the fasteners, and either a 9/16” socket &

ratchet driver or 9/16” combination end wrench to hold the nuts (see below).  There will be needs for other sizes of sockets and wrenches too.

I wouldn’t race out to buy anything as Kevin mentioned he would have some of the security bits and Allen wrenches on hand, the only thing that each assembler would need to hold those bits are some assorted sockets.  The main bits used will fit in a 8mm or 5/16 socket.    But for any tool heads that either already have or just have to have a security bit set for their own garage, below is a picture of a Titan & DeWALT assortment.


     Socket Drill/Driver Adapter                                  Tamper Resistant Security SAE Hex Bit Sets



  CO4C cid:image012.jpg@01D06E3A.E72ED8F0


                9/16” Combination Wrench                        9/16 “ Socket and Ratchet Driver


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