The All Inclusive Playground at Kiwanis Park at Woodlawn will be built as a community build by volunteers on Saturday and Sunday, May 23rd & 24th, 2015.  

When volunteers arrive, the site will already have been prepared by professional park installers so that holes for each of the 68 posts will already be drilled and the parts for each piece of equipment will be placed together.   Volunteers will work in crews of approximately 5 workers.  Each crew will be assigned a particular piece of equipment to assemble.  We will have professionals assisting crews as needed.

We have been provided with an insruction booklet which includes general instructions and a separate set of instructions for each piece of equipment.

You can see all instruction pages on this website by looking under the menu item "Photos" and then under the sub-menu item "Photos-Picasa."   The instructions are in the album entitled "2015-05-16 Playground Construction Plans."   You can also view other recent albums to see the general layout of the playground as well as some of the work that has been accomplished in recent weeks to prepare the site for our assemboy of the playground equipment.

Please take a few minutes to look at the general instructions and some of the specific instructions so that you are familiar with the overall assembly procedures.

The Kiwanis Club of Stuart, the City of Stuart, and most importantly, the kids who will use the new playground, say THANKS for volunteering to help build this special playground.